El Producto

Poul Lange

By Poul Lange -Original Artwork 

El Producto

Collage in mahogany shadow box 

Poul Lange was born in Copenhagen, Denmark where he also got his education from The Royal  Danish Academy’s school of design. He studied at NYC’s School of Visual arts in 1984 and settled in New York shortly after. Since 2014  he has lived and worked in Downtown Los Angeles. 

He has shown his work in galleries in Europe and the US, while also designing book jackets and  publications for a variety of clients. 

Lange’s main areas of expression are collage and photography, which at times overlaps and exist in  unison. He has a strong affection for the natural world, and botanical elements—mostly in the form  of pressed flowers—are often used in his compositions. He has a background in traditional analog photography, and a couple of his hand-tinted silver gela tin prints can be seen in this show. 

Another passion of his is collecting vintage, vernacular (found) photos, that he likes to put next to  his collages and personal photography. Sometimes these antique photographs also become part of  his collages as seen in the series “Flower People”. 

Measures: 7” x 7” x 2” framed 

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary

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