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Anna Brones

Kelp Selkies

Kelp Selkies

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Original Artwork by Anna Brones 

Measures 20" x 16"


"Two core drivers of my work are the concepts of place and presence. I want my work to connect people to a place, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, and I want it to cultivate a sense of presence—being mindful of surroundings, paying attention, asking questions.

To do this, I cut paper. Paper cutting is a democratized form of art—all one needs is a piece of paper and a cutting tool—and I love that through its simplicity I am able to tell a powerful story. My art explores place, environment, and culture. All of these things are interconnected.

Each of these pieces is cut from a single piece of paper. Unlike drawing or painting where you are adding to the paper or canvas, in paper cutting, you create the work by removing something. This means that no additions can be made once a piece of paper is cut away. 

There is no eraser, no way to paint over a flaw. Any mistake or error becomes a catalyst for adaptation. It is a practice of presence, process, and focus."

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary.

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