Skull Melt

Rohitash Rao

Skull Melt

Rohitash Rao - Original Artwork

Illustration Spray Paint on Wood 

Rohitash Rao’s art is a reflection of our culture. His work reflects our over-consuming society, often made on the very things that we throw away. His work is a conceptual (and often funny) take on the way we live. 

As a friend put it, “Ro's art puts our society up against a funhouse mirror into which the dog of irony continually dives at its own reflection.”

Rohitash Rao is an award-winning art director, animator and director. He has co-created and illustrated 7 children’s books published by Harper Collins, made an animated TV pilot for 20th Century Fox and has had over 20 solo shows as a fine-artist. He currently works as an assistant professor at the Stan Richards School of Advertising at the University of Texas in Austin. 

Measures  12"x 24" x 1" 

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary.

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Type: Artwork

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