Our Story

FOLD goods is the online version of FOLD Gallery that was founded by artist, Jena Priebe in 2012. Initially it was a quiet gallery, tucked away above the Last Bookstore. Showing local artists and her own work she started to introduce vintage items to the selling floor. It quickly expanded into the space and took over what had been her studio. Initially she focused on selling cameras, typewriters and interesting objects. Eventually, we started selling prints, cards, jewelry and other small items. Handmade and quality designed goods from Los Angeles, California and other independent, small businesses from California and beyond were introduced quickly thereafter.

FOLD is dedicated to our amazing array of artists in the gallery and boast the wares of independent businesses and artisans. Our local and indie artist section gives accolade to those incredibly hard working small and independent businesses. A large part of these companies are locally owned and operated right here in Los Angeles and California!

FOLD is also vintage and antique. We specialize in vintage cameras, typewriters, maps, barware, nautical and radios. In our shop, you will find interesting and unique items that are the perfect gift or addition to your home or office. We will even go on the hunt for you if you have a special order!

We are also earth-friendly and do our very best to make good choices for our shared earth by choosing recycled bags & boxes, electronic receipts, support local artists and artisans (therefore cutting down on packing waste and shipping) and generally being eco-focused. Our displays and even our penny floor in our brick and mortar location is reclaimed and reused.