Show With Us!

Are you an artist who would like to show in our Gallery?

We love our Artists!! We have a really unique Gallery. Being situated above The Last Bookstore, we get a massive amount of eyes on your artwork. It's truly incredible how many people walk through on a daily basis. If you would like to show with us, please see our following guidelines for artists.

1. To be considered, please send us an email with a link to your website and a short artist statement about your work. Please, no phone calls to the Gallery. 

2. We primarily show sculpture, mixed media, paintings, fiber art, charcoal, line drawings but rarely photographs.

3. Due to the amount of tourists and people from different states/countries, we actually sell right off the wall. We will ask you to fill a 15 foot wall space with a few pieces to spare to fill it back up when they sell.

4. We invest in our artists via online marketing, postcards, art openings and a lot of hard work contacting collectors. So in turn, when you’re showing with us in the gallery, we expect our clients to contact us directly about your artwork. We will not be able to put out your personal business cards or email sign up sheets.

5. If someone contacts you about your artwork at FOLD, kindly direct them to us. It's considered poor etiquette to sell a piece during or after a show with us just to avoid a gallery commission. You will not be invited back if you do this.

6. We will champion for you and sell your art any way we can. We will include you on our website, social media, emails and collectors lists. We will invite you to come by for any openings we have. 

7. If you are showing in the Gallery, we love to sell corresponding items like prints, flair, books, ect of your artwork in the shop. Making better sales all around!

8. We have a vending machine in the gallery that we fill with items for sale from the artists! This could be original art works, pins, prints, zines, buttons, or anything that fits into our Art Snacks machine in the gallery.