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Molly Meng

Sanctuary 2 (nature)

Sanctuary 2 (nature)

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Original Artwork by Molly Meng

Paper Collage, Pencil Lead

Measures 17" x 13" Framed

"Molly creates art that tells the untold stories. She listens to the past speaking through the objects she collects and is fascinated by the history behind a long saved, but seemingly insignificant item: The meaning rarely lays on the surface, but is buried underneath. Her artwork, too, contains messages hidden underneath. She is heavily influenced by a scrap of paper, a single word, opera, rap, theremins, the thick cotton of an old book page, random sentences, and overheard statements. She is passionate about nature and creates work to appear as affected by the natural world; worn down by the environment but in a much-loved way."

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary

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