Bottle Green and Ivory Clouds

Walt Hall

Bottle Green and Ivory Clouds

Original Mixed Media Artwork by Walt Hall

Measures 24 x 12 x 5  inches. 

Medium: Acrylic Paint & Mixed Media on Found Wood

walt hall was born and raised on the mean streets of kilaminjaro. at the age of seven he stowed away onboard the hms mcguillicuty, whose privateers had sworn a blood oath to seek and destroy the barbary pirates. after twelve years at sea he bid farewell to his comrades and joined up with a series of leftist guerilla movements in the jungles of peru. although the liberation front hated to lose his contributions, three years into the struggle he was secretly extracted, via the underground pipeline of jesuit missions and chinese yo-yo distribution centers, and given a new secret mission. a mission from the very top. the objective- the elusive double agent marco. marco was a worthy adversary indeed, constantly slipping away just when he finally seemed within reach. but in the end he was no match for walt hall. Aided by his superior horsemanship and vast knowledge of local cossak customs, he finally trapped marco once and for all inside of a creaky church copula somewhere in south west ukbekistan and promptly turned him over to the turnip police for a lengthy internment on a secluded penal island thirty two minutes north west of guam. in his spare time walt hall enjoys weaving oversized afghans from the wool of his prized llama, freddie. he also fancies painting.

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary.

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