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Nora Thompson

Frank Head

Frank Head

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Original Artwork by Nora Thompson

Frank Head

Measurements: 11"x14" with frame

Materials: Pen & ink on toned paper

Nora’s bio

 I have been getting in trouble for my art since I learned how to sign my name and discovered floors, walls and furniture made pretty neat canvasses. By the time I hit second grade, I became a tattoo artist for my classmates (also pretty neat canvasses) in spite of inadequate, under-the-table pay and their being forced to bathe. I started playing drums when I was nine, graduated with a BFA at the top of my class when I was 40, and in between raised twins. Somewhere in the middle of growing up a little, I became an illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist and writer. I work in many different mediums including acrylic, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pen and ink, and digital, all on wood, board, canvas, paper or discarded cabinet doors, and display in galleries and private collections across the United States. 

Artist’s statement

Most of my art for most of my life never ventured very far outside the lines. I did as I was told and followed what I thought were the rules. But once I glanced away for a second, out of the corner of my eye something sparked outside the lines, and I imagined crazy little characters whose sole purpose was to exist only for me. What jumped onto that first sketchbook page was nothing like what people had been paying me to draw in the real world. These characters had been crawling around in my head for weeks, and they wanted out. They knew that whatever lurked inside the lines of the real world could be undeniably terrifying.

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