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Molly Meng

Horace Mann "Do for Others"

Horace Mann "Do for Others"

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by Molly Meng

Horace Mann"Do For Others"

Measures: 12.5" x 17" Framed 

Molly Meng – Original Artwork
Mixed Media Ephemera Artist (Paper)

Every piece of artwork is unique, no two are ever alike:  Words of wisdom nestled in a gathering of tiny red stitches, to symbolize a pulling-together, along with layers of ephemera that build a history of the past with hidden meanings for the future. A collage of vintage paper, found photos or trace drawings are added to elevate the depth of the quote.

Molly's stitched quotes are mixed-medium pieces, a gathered collage of original ephemera, vintage papers and thread, stitched with meaning, imbued with feeling both of visceral texture and emotion.  She only chooses quotes that speak to us as human beings and are out to change the world.  She types these words on a vintage typewriter that’s been in the family for over 60 years.  The collage of vintage papers is curated from book pages, handwritten notebooks, ledger records -- they are “tactile textiles”.  Authors of each quote are listed on the back of the artwork;  each person can approach the quote from their own heart space with no preconceived notions of its origin, until one has fully digested the words of wisdom.

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary.
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