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Molly Meng

Sanctuary 4 (knowledge)

Sanctuary 4 (knowledge)

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Original Artwork by Molly Meng


Sanctuary 4  (knowledge)

Measurements: 13”x17” framed

Materials: Paper collage, pencil lead

My artwork is born from my love of nostalgia.  A story left behind.  Forgotten items, worn down with time, are the very things I covet.  There is a feeling of a message implicit to the item at hand; hidden underneath the object is the unknown layer.  The text on the surface is one of encouragement for the viewer.  It's the juicy stuff beneath that holds an energy that generates through the layers. Using vintage ephemera, found photos and discarded books or textiles from the past that I hand-dye, I tell a new story brought to life by the objects gathered, layered and, most often, stitched together.  This energy reaches the surface for those who need it most.

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