Typewritten Letter


We can make a personalized, custom typewritten letter, note or poem for you typed on a vintage typewriter of your choosing from our current selection on white high-quality linen paper. Each letter can be up to 200 words, and can be single or double spaced. We will use black or red ink for your letter. Each letter also comes with a matching white linen envelope.
Please note, because each vintage typewriter we use is different, the machine may leave indentations or cutouts in the page typed. Also, if and when typos occur, we will either use 'X's to mark them out, or use white out tape. All of these idiosyncrasies lends a distinct and unique look to each piece, and is what gives typewritten letters their character and personality. 
After purchase please reply to our email with your Word Doc or PDF. 

Because some of these machines are vintage, each has its own peculiarities and quirks. Those quirks give each typeface a unique look and signature, making them individual, and non-reproducible works of art.
We will include a small card with the letter that gives a brief description of the typewriter we used.

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